Disk Space: what to do if you have received an "exceeded its disk space quota" error!

How much disk space you need depends on your website type, how much content you plan to host and how many files are stored online in your mailbox. The more files you host online, the more disk space you will need.

If you cannot access your emails or have received an “exceeded disk space quota” email, don't worry; here’s what to do to get things moving again.

Check your usage

To do this, log into our portal, and click on ‘My Accounts’ > ‘ Website Plans’ see:

Then click on your website service, see:

Then scroll down and click on ‘Account Usage / Info’, see:

If your disk space is maxed out, it's time to think about adding extra disk space to your account. To do this, scroll down to 'Add Extra Disk Space', see:

Next, please choose the amount of space you would like to add to your account and Checkout. As soon as payment is received, our system will automatically upgrade your account, and things should start moving again!


If you’ve overshot your quota by a little, it's possible to delete some files from your online storage and get your disk space down, and then you have the option to cancel the Extra Diskspace. The two main places you can do this are on your website and in your email mailboxes.


To delete data from your mailbox, please log into your webmail by going to yourwebsite.com/webmail and log in with your email address and password. 


To delete old files on your website, please log into your website by going to yourwebsite.com/administrator and login in with your credentials.  Next, you can go to 'Content' > 'Media', and here you will be able to remove old files. Please keep in mind that every image you delete from the library will also be deleted from any post or page on your site where that image is being used, so in general, we don’t recommend deleting images from the library unless you are sure you don't need them!

NOTE: If you are unsure, please let us know, and we will be happy to run a backup as a restore point.